Mtskheta - Jvari - Ananauri Tour - 1 Day



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Swetitskhoveli Cathedral: In 11th century, during flourishing of Georgian Architecture on the foundation of the old construction was built grand cathedral decorated by Georgian traditional ornaments. The fortress wall surrounded cathedral was built in 17th century. In Georgian language Swetitshoveli means “life-giving-pillar”, which is connected with the place inside cathedral, where is buried the Jesus Christ’s robe. 

Jvari Monastery was built in the 6th century on the top of the mountain surrounded by magnificent scenery of Caucasian mountains which can be observed far away and view over Mtskheta. In Georgian language Jvari means Cross. 

Samtavro Nunnery was built in 13th century near the small church named after Saint Nino. 

Ananuri is a Castle on the Aragvi River in Georgia, about 45 miles from Tbilisi. The fortifications enclose, amongst other buildings, two churches. In the older Church of the Virgin are buried some of the Eristavis (dukes) of Aragvi.The Church of the Assumption, built in 1689, has richly decorated facades, including a carved north entrance. It also contains the remains of a number of frescoes.

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Mtskheta - Jvari - Ananauri Tour - 1 Day

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