Wine Tour in Shida Kartli at Nika Vacheishvili’s Marani



Best Time

All Season


250 Km


8 Hour


3 Person

One Day Wine Tour in Shida Kartli at Nika Vacheishvili’s Wine Cellar

Sites  To  Visit:

Uplistsikhe  -  "the Lord's Fortress" is an ancient rock- hewn town in eastern Georgia, some 10 kilometers east of the town of Gori,  Shida Kartli.  Built on a high rocky left bank of the Mtkvari River, it contains various structures dating from the Early Iron Age to the Late Middle Ages, and is notable for the unique combination of various styles of rock-cut cultures from Anatoliaand Iran, as well as the co-existence of pagan and Christian architecture Tour

 Ateni Sioni - According to documented scientific opinion, village (formerly city) of Ateni  represents iconographic copy of Mtskheta the city known as Georgian Jerusalem. Ateni Sioni temple is decorated with unique 11th century murals and numerous historically significant inscriptions on facades. It should be noted that the facades preserved one of the earliest images of Georgian grape vine art that date back to VII-X centuries, a confirmation of the fact that it has always served as the vine and grape regions

Wine tasting at “Nika Vacheishvili's Wine Cellar”

“Nika Vacheishvilis Maranis purpose is to preserve and develop the centuries-old agricultural and cultural traditions of Ateni gorge region. It cooperates with Ateni and Skra gorges traditional winemaking center and produces several traditional types of natural wines from small amount of high-quality grapes from its own vineyards”

Wines you may taste:

  1. Famous Atenuri - wine is soft and fragrant, dried fruit scent, long aftertaste and sparkling character;
  2. Skra Chinuri -  wine has a sharp taste, long aftertaste and soft endings;
  3. Tavkveri - wine with character, and at the same time the lively flirtatious sharp taste
  4. Joyful Khedistavuri -  Rose wine, sparkling, energetic nature, sweet dried tint. This dessert wine will be a perfect addition to your dinner

Duration: 8 Hour
Tour Distance: 250 km
Recommended starting time: 9:00 am
Min: 3 persons

Wine Tour in Shida Kartli at Nika Vacheishvili’s Marani

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